Our Story

Hello there, I wanted to start this by saying I am grateful for your time, and I appreciate your interest in our company. We’ve established our ability to distribute music through The Orchard/Sony Music via being a sublabel of Marsten House Records. Steve Sxaks (Co-Owner of Marsten House Records) has been a close personal friend and mentor to our CEO for over 20 years. Freely sharing his wealth of knowledge and resources, strengthening our CEO’s abilities to grow as an artist, and businessman establishing his own imprint.

Marsten House Records inspired our business model and after releasing multiple projects under their label. We’ve decided with some of their assistance to build our own brand while still working closely with Marsten House to make sure every hand picked release we pick up is the best project it can be.

Here’s a little more about us, so you can get a better idea of our services. Grey6 Media has multiple in-house resources including but not limited to: Music Publishing, Graphic Design, Podcasting/Radio, Artist Development and Consulting.

Our team’s experiences in many fringe music and art scenes provide a unique perspective for alternative artists and musicians looking to branch out. Things we don’t support are: Racism, Homophobia, or otherwise unnecessarily scandalous content. We support artistic expression, but have these principles engrained in our company’s culture.

With that said, we’re always keeping an eye out for new talent to scout. If we’re interested, we reach out. If you reach out and we dig your work, we will inquire further. However if it’s not for us, we will be honest and not leave you hanging. Transparency is important when building relationships, and more than anything we strive to provide a measure of dignity and respect to everybody we rub elbows with.

To most, the entertainment industry is an exhausting game of social climbing and chess. But that’s not what we’re about. We celebrate people we enjoy, and just want to provide a platform for our favorite artists. It’s that easy, we’re keeping it simple, because the world is already complicated enough.

-Andrew Schulman
CEO of Grey6 Media LLC 2022